Monday, June 8, 2009

The Villa Verdict

On the Villa blog, the right sidebar accuses The Morning Call of "purposefully" concealing the facts in its rendition of their trial against J.P. O'Malley's bar. A jury did come back with a $3.1 million verdict, but the paper never reported a finding that the tavern was negligent. Does this mean the Villas win and are suddenly rich? Villa certainly suggests that, asking whether anyone can change a $3.1 million bill. He also warns us to ignore any "'interpretations' (wink wink) of the jury's verdict you might read at other blogs in the coming days and weeks."

But the verdict itself, which you can see below, makes clear that J.P. O'Malley has no culpability. This is no matter of interpretation. The verdict is only against the drunk driver. Villa Verdict